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Trish McKinnley

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"Remember when you were a little girl, and you thought anything was possible? I’m here to tell you- it still is."

- Trish Mckinnley

Empowering women to be SAssilicious!

Sassilicious: SASSI (simply amazing self-sufficient intuitive), Sexy, & Sweet on Life!

"Trish is an amazing woman to work with! 

I accomplished more in three meetings with Trish than I had working over a year and a half with a different coach.  Trish is able to dial into exactly what is going on in your life and tell you what you need to do to move forward; she does it in a direct but very caring manner. 

I absolutely love working with her and always look forward to our time together!  She is definitely a soul sister!!"

- Karen O.

"Working with Trish I have learned how to release negativity and worry. My life has become happier and more joyful thanks to her direction, guidance, and practical tips."

- Sarah D.

"My life is completely different since I took Trish's personality class. I don't get stressed out. I don't get my feelings hurt because I get where I'm coming from and where they're coming from. I love this! I love Trish!"

- Meaghan R.