Hi, I'm Trish!

I'm an empowerment specialist, tuning you in to your spiritual gifts to live the life you desire.

I Was a Spaz.

I think that's the technical term for an anxious, professional worrier and that's what I was.

I knew I desperately needed an attitude shift.  So I did the only thing that I could. I declared war on STRESS and I WON!

From Stress to Success

The steps that worked for me, I know will work for you. I've been teaching this for 25 years. Stress still occurs. This is life. But, stress will never have a debilitating grip again.

Isn't it time you experience more peace, more bliss and more love?


My Goal Is To Get You In Tune With The Life You Desire.

Being a Fairy Godmother doesn’t pay but being a writer, teacher, speaker and personality profiler does.


While I was able to  spread love and encouragement in those roles, I was able to reach around the globe when my wonderful world expanded by becoming a DJ for a local radio station.


Soon professional voice over talent (that voice you hear on commercials, e-learning and audiobooks) was added to my resume.

All the while I continued to give intuitive readings, teach meditation classes, and provide energy healing as a Reiki Master.  At times my professional and spiritual worlds overlapped.

My agent, family, and friends urged me to go all in and blend my skills, so others could benefit, which brings us to today!

My Ancient Synchronicity Series blends animal wisdom, guidance, and nature's spiritual solutions with crystals, oils and Angels to manifest the life you desire.

My Movement & Mantras series blends my 35+ years of meditating, 10 years of voiceover and lifetime of intuitive guiding to create powerful and effective meditations.

The SASSI Goddess Program combines my 25 years as a human dynamics consultant and lifetime empowering women. Isn't it time you reconnected with your SASSI Vibe?

My path has been littered with mistakes and blessed with abundance. Morsels of lessons, wisdom, and insight with each encounter. I believe you're here today to shift your journey, take charge, and own your awesomeness again.

The world needs your voice and your light!