Class re-play is available now.

Join me for 10 Practical and Important Tips to survive and thrive during this wonderful month full of magic, spirit and love!

Class re-play is available now.

Family. Shopping. Parties. Deadlines. And, STRESS. 
In this free class you will get practical tips and techniques, plus angels & crystals to keep the holidays filled with harmony and happiness!

Class re-play is available now. 

Ever feel stressed?

Like you're talking and no one is listening? (Not even your dog?)

Are you ready to reclaim control?

Are you ready to eliminate anxiety and stress?

Are you ready to be heard?


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"Trish is an amazing woman to work with! 

I accomplished more in three meetings with Trish than I had working over a year and a half with a different coach.  Trish is able to dial into exactly what is going on in your life and tell you what you need to do to move forward; she does it in a direct but very caring manner. 

I absolutely love working with her and always look forward to our time together!  She is definitely a soul sister!!"

- Karen O.

"Working with Trish I have learned how to release negativity and worry. My life has become happier and more joyful thanks to her direction, guidance, and practical tips."

- Sarah D

"My life is completely different since I took Trish's personality class. I don't get stressed out. I don't get my feelings hurt because I get where I'm coming from and where they're coming from. I love this! I love Trish!"

- Meaghan R.

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