Rock and Hard Place

No need to feel stuck, concerned or lodged between a rock and a hard place. Get set. Go!  Or, waaaaaait! Hold everything! Stay put. Take a breath! Don’t move unless you know that you KNOW this is the right action for you.

Your intuition will not lead you astray.  Psychics, friends and family may all be well-meaning, but the decision always remains yours to make.  You can do it!


1 – Listen To Your Intuition.

This voice has spoken to you many times. Think back to times when you had a gut-feeling or a knowing. You knew your mom was calling. You just had a feeling that project was going to fall through. You just didn’t feel right about your daughter’s boyfriend. You know you’ve experienced this. Give yourself credit! You don’t need a crystal ball or special cards. You do need confidence, trust and faith in you.

Remember 3-5 times you had an intuitive experience. Jot down everything you can recall of the moments. Include specifics such as where you felt the knowing in your body, any sounds or emotions that accompanied.



Ewwww. Ugh. Snooooooze! Wrong! This meditation includes shower time!

Set your intention. (An intention could be, “I want clarity if this is the right move for me.”)

Shower or preferably soak in the bathtub. Use Epsom Salt. Add oils to Epsom salt or light candles scented with sandalwood, rose or orange. Allow yourself to just feel the cleansing energy of the water. Shower water streaming over you is taking all of the negativity, insecurity and uncertainty off of you sending those emotions down the drain. Emptying your bathtub will also suck those limiting thoughts down the drain.

Make your list of pros and cons for movement around your current decision. Which action feels better to you? Include “no movement” as an option. Sometimes no movement is the best movement so timing will be right when you decide to step forward or step back. This enables no pushing or stepping on toes.


3 -Remember 3 Decisions!

You have been down this road before. Think of everything surrounding three decisions from the past. What were the feelings? Conversations surrounding the decision? Did you trust you intuition or did you choose to ignore? What was the outcome?  

Recalling the past experiences, what was the major take-away from each decision? Have you learned from the experience? Where do you sense a “yes, this is best for me,” or “no, this will have negative repercussions.” Is there a warm sensation, maybe a feeling of butterflies or maybe a bad phantom taste in your mouth? Jot down your positive and negative feelings.


4 – Look For Signs!

Signs come in all shapes and sizes. Literally. Confirmation may come from a license plate on the car in front of you. A sign may be from a song on the radio, the lyrics, title or memory. A conversation from a friend may be just the warning you need or a penny placed in an unexpected area may be just the encouragement needed. Recognize and appreciate the gift of the message.  

Write a headline, “Signs of Clarification.” For the next seven days write down every message or sign you have received. Even if it seems small or insignificant, jot it down. You’ll be amazed how angels and the Universe conspire for your success.


5 – Carry Crystals!

Crystals are so cool! Beautiful and fun! A natural vibration and energy, crystals are a part of nature, a natural resource that’ll strengthen us, empower us and lift our spirit.

Carnelian also works with your sacral chakra and the Amethyst works with your crown chakra. 


Carnelian – brings clarification which decision is best for you!

Amethyst – brings confidence to your connection with the universe. 

One thing about choosing crystals and stones, size doesn’t matter. Tiny stones that can fit in your pocket are just as impactful and powerful as large stones. Listen to your intuition and choose the stone that feels right to you.

Carry around your crystals in your pocket. Every night jot down any uplifting thoughts or positive observations. Add any interactions with your stone. Stay open to this experience. This step truly offers clarification about going forward, stepping away or staying put.

6 – Angels!

Enlisting angels to help is similar to enlisting friends.  Remember  angels have access to heavenly information, will only use such information for our good and will never be jealous, envious or discouraging.

Archangel Chamuel – helps us in careers, making decisions and clearing up confusion.

Archangel Jophiel – inspiring us, he helps bring about permanent change and lasting solutions.

Archangel Haniel – heightens your intuition, brings balance to all areas of your life, and fills you with wisdom.

Angels whisper and offer encouragement through subtle ways. Writing all that you’re grateful for often sprinkles in messages delivered from angels too. Any unusual observations should be included too.


7 – Affirmations!

Say aloud, as often as desired. Affirmations are powerful. Crystals, Angels and the Universe align to support these statements. Always be cautious when forming your sentence. Remember harm to none and nothing stated in a negative format.

       I feel comfortable and secure.

       I accept and celebrate my creativity.

       I feel confident in my expression, movement and decisions.

Create three more affirmations. Keep each affirmation positive and encouraging. Keep moving forward! 

Ready for the hokey pokey!

Once you’ve clarified the right direction for you, know this too may change. You are free to change your mind. Revisit any of these steps whenever you desire and if you want some additional inspiration, please prance on over to the video 3 Ways to Clearly Know Your Best Step. Still feeling curious or maybe sensing to zig left, but the road is zigging right? Let’s connect! No matter what, always do what is best for you and your path. Stay confident in your gifts, talent and intuition. Always remember, you’re a dazzling star! Shine on!

xoxo ~