Work with Trish

Five fabulous things that happen when you tap into your Sassi Goddess power!

1. You become a better communicator in all aspects of your life.
2. All your important relationships get back on track.
3. You stop being so overwhelmed and stressed-out.
4. Your self-confidence is topped up and you go after your dreams.
5. You discover incredible tools and techniques you can use every day.

Trish McKinnley

3 Fabulous Ways You Can Work With Trish

1) Premium Access to Balance and Bliss Membership Community –


This Premium Access package is intended for those who want to understand themselves better, want to have the tools and techniques for creating their desired life and would like to reclaim their power by working with the natural energetic flow.


Membership includes an exclusive Members-Only toolkit each month featuring:

  • Meditation
  • Soul Growth Activities and Insight
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Live Q & A with Trish
  • Live Masterclass with Trish
  • Unlimited Access to the Content Library

2) Intuitive Consultation – 


When you book your 30 minute intuitive consultation, working with Trish is guaranteed to be transformational. Choose from an Intuitive Reading, Angel Reading, Power Animal Reading or combination.

All coaching and consultations are carried out via Zoom or in person (depending on location) and will leave you feeling energized and in tune with a higher vibration.

Visit the online store to book straight away!


3) Elite Lift Shift Consultation-


Book a Life Shift Consultation with Trish Mckinnley which is good for new beginnings, endings and bridging life’s chapters. It includes personalized mantras, a step-by-step action plan and an exclusive meditation designed solely for you, as well as, unlimited email communication during the process with a 24-hour turnaround.

The Life Shift Consultation includes 3 hour long meetings via Zoom, Skype or in person. The first hour meeting is to identify your abundance goals, the blockages and immediate steps to overcome and successfully shift. Your personalized plan will be created. A mid-point hour long meeting is established to discuss adjustments and achievements. Alterations to your personal plan here are continued throughout this process. A final hour long call will focus on your success stories, how to maintain this trajectory and remain in the flow of abundance.

*Expectations are mandatory. An application will be required followed by a 10 minute phone call to ensure we are a great match!

What Other Goddesses Have To Say

“Have you ever been drawn to someone and thanked your Angels for it? That's how I met Trish. I have been coming to her for her guidance for many years now. She has the ability to not only calm me down but has helped me with clarity in my career choices. I trust her with my relationships and the accuracy in her guidance has helped me deeply. Trish is a gift and I look forward to each of our visits.” - Caroline K.



“Trisha has been such a blessing in my life. She reminds me to stop, take a breath, and listen.
Her guidance gives me the ability to balance my day better!” - Elizabeth M.



“I cannot thank Trish enough for all that she has given me, for all that she has encouraged me to discover. I love the way she graciously shares her light and allows her happiness, wisdom, and insight to spill over into my cup, keeping me full and eager for more. Because of you, Trish, I am able to genuinely live my life, and wow, is the ever-changing scenery beautiful!” - Kristine B.



“Trish has taught me to always listen to my inner self.” - Kandis J.



“Trish opened me up to a spiritual world I didn’t believe existed. Before I met her, I didn’t know about Angels or spirit guides and I didn’t realize I had any gifts or powers. I feel empowered and my life changes every time we connect. She renews my inner goddess and she has truly become one of the most influential people in my life.” - Laura V.



“I learned more about myself and learned things I didn't realize about myself. She helped me find the little happiness out of something that didn't seem to have any.” - Kelsen J.